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JACK AND SAM is a poignant documentary about two Holocaust survivors miraculously reunited after 80 years. Now in their late 90s, they are spending the precious time they have left rekindling their friendship and educating others about the dangers of hatred. 

​Mixing documentary, archival, and breathtaking animation, this heartwarming story explores the enduring power of connection and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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SIMA AWARD - Best Editing

39th IDA Documentary Awards Shortlist


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024

Calgary International Film Festival - Audience Award, Best Documentary Short

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - Best American Indie Short

HollyShorts Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival - Best Documentary Short

Miami Film Festival - Honorable Mention

IndyShorts International Film Festival

New Hampshire International Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival

Ojai Film Festival

Port Townsend Film Festival - Jury & Audience Awards, Documentary Short

Provincetown International Film Festival

Rhode Island International Film Festival

San Jose International Short Film Festival

Sidewalk Film Festival

St. Louis International Film Festival

Sulmona International Film Festival - Best Documentary Short

American Documentary Film Festival

Woods Hole Film Festival

Sedona International Fim Festival

Southside Film Festival

Key West Film Festival

Tacoma Film Festival

Milwaukee Film Festival

Berkshire Jewish Film Festival​

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